My name’s Dave and I’m a PhD Candidate at Cambridge University. My thesis explores the critical possibilities of reading Sherlock Holmes as travel writing and seeks to understand readers’ and fans’ engagement with the stories, as guides to the collectively imagined world of Sherlockiana.

My wider research interests are at the moment collected around what I think of as ‘contact histories’: understanding how people reacted to social and cultural contact that took them over or beyond the boundaries of their day-to-day lives, through exploring artifacts of those contacts, particularly literature. My interest was originally sparked through undergraduate and Masters study of Australian colonial and modern histories, with a focus on British-Aborigine encounters and later Australian-British encounters through travel and tourism.

This blog is intended as a place to put those ideas that don’t fit into my current projects, to flesh out new avenues of interest and to get used to writing in a fluid, interesting academic way again.

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