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China Miéville’s novel The City and The City explores the idea that to live in an urban space is to live in a land made up of borders. His does this through … Continue reading

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Our Instant Gratification Problem

Originally posted on Longreads:
Our march from one level of gratification to the next has imposed huge costs—most recently in a credit binge that nearly sank the global economy. But…

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The English Common Reader

Inspired by History Womble’s recent blog post, providing a brief glimpse into his reasons for choosing his own top 10 books, having been nominated I thought I should do the … Continue reading

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A Modern Folk Hero?

Yesterday, August 31st 2014, as I have been informed by a stream of posts on my facebook newsfeed, 443 people gathered in Temple Newsom, in Leeds, in an attempt to break … Continue reading

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‘Walking the Walk’ – Conference Season: Part Three

This is Part Three in a series on being presenting at conferences as a first-year PhD student. You can read the other sections, Part One on finding a conference (and … Continue reading

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‘I Can’t Think of a Better Title Right Now’ – Conference Season: Part Two

This is the second part in what will probably be a long-ish series on my recent experiences as a first-year PhD student in the world of academic conferences. In the … Continue reading

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‘The First Draft is Always Shit’ – Conference Season: Part One

Looking at the dateline of my last entry I realise with a larger-than-expected pang of guilt that it has been a long time since I last tended to this blog. … Continue reading

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